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The relationship with your partner will be smooth. You will also be able to exchange sweet words with your lover.

Thursday 27th December

Cancer Money and Finances Horoscope: All will be fine on the monetary front. You will enjoy the prosperity and freedom to do what you wish. Health will be in fine condition and you will be physically fit. Find out what star the Moon was in when you were born.

Horoscopes: December 28-January 3

This is View Details. The 5 Elements of Time.

The ancients measured View Details. However, with powerful planetary activity altering the structure of the world around you, certain of your loyalties or beliefs need to be examined, and possibly, change.

August 22 — September 21 No sign is more skilled at untangling problems, in your own life, in the circumstances of others and in the world around you. September 22 — October 22 You could easily get caught in interesting but ultimately pointless debates about the world around you and lives of others.

Cancer Daily Horoscope

That seemingly minor first step could turn out to be life-changing. What you may not have understood, however, is those developments could involve surprising changes.

For now, explore everything. Intimating as this seems at the time, doing so will be a huge relief, if not thrilling. However, it also frees you to explore options you feared would cause upset.

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