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Libra Daily Horoscope

You might also like. The Moon in Leo today, could bring out a different temperament for a peaceful and balanced person like you. But today, a quarrel of sorts seems imminent.

It is upto the diplomatic you; to handle the situation well so that it doesn't get out of proportion. Your ruling planet, Venus, encourages you to find solace in art and music. You could take your partner to an art exhibit and spend some relaxing time there.


The right time to take up an important task or schedule any meeting is between 2: Royal Blue is your lucky colour for this day. Click here for a more personalised reading. You are a confident, natural leader and are able to perform any given task perfectly if you stopped yourself from hesitating while making tough decisions.

You should avoid trying to constantly please others as that may effect your own life adversely. Today, the Moon in Virgo could invoke a feeling of regret and self-condemnation about a recent happening. Maybe, you compromised on your own feelings while considering others and they have been ungrateful about it. You will feel hurt and frustrated, but maybe this could open your eyes to the selfishness of some people around you.

Any task undertaken between 3: Lavender is your lucky color for today. In your quest to please everyone, you are not giving enough space for your own beautiful thoughts to mature.

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  7. You should avoid trying to do this as that may effect your own life adversely. Today, the Moon in Virgo could invoke a feeling of regret and self-condemnation in you since you could be losing your confidence in yourself.

    Aim to gain a new understanding of your resources and abilities, as this knowledge empowers you.

    Jobs around the house, maintenance of valuables, and other such activities are gratifying. Today's Libra Horoscope by Patrick Arundell Libra 24 September - 23 October Friday 28th December With a very lively focus on your sector of communication, the coming weeks can emphasize your enjoyment of mixing and mingling.

    Intellectual activities such as reading, studying plus networking events, can keep you busy as can making new discoveries in your area. Bold energies can encourage you to be more forthright, which could surprise those who know you well.

    Read more about this addition.

    More Horoscopes for Libra

    More Cafe Astrology horoscopes are above and below:. Click for Yearly Forecast Specials. December Monthly Horoscope Summary for Libra: December features improved communications, special interests, and increased motivation to handle work and self-care programs, dear Libra.

    Most of the recent slowdowns or confusing moments in your life can be put behind you this month, as December brings you a slow but steady forward pace. Clarifications and advances related to finances, business, studies, communications, and transportation figure strongly now. These things improve, flow naturally, and pick up momentum as the month advances.

    Ideally, you've come into touch with what and who you value, and you're now ready to apply what you've learned. As a result, you're choosing your projects more mindfully. You're also likely to enjoy the fruits of your labor more fully!

    There are both challenges and rewards to your studies, communications, and connections now, and you can find yourself more communicative. In the first week of the month, you may be waiting for information or a go-ahead, or mechanical errors may seem to delay your progress.

    From the 6th, you can enjoy forward movement on your projects and initiatives and delays lifting. You feel more "in the loop" from this date on, and in a happier mental space particularly after the 12th. This can be a big idea month, and it's quite excellent for reaching out to others, although there can be times when you feel you have too much on your plate and you can be a little scattered as a result.

    Dealing with errands and short trips may be more frequent, but can also lead to some nice opportunities. The and are some of the better dates for work and health endeavors.

    All month, however, you're feeling especially motivated to tackle projects that get you ahead in these areas. Mars in your solar sixth house revs you up and motivates you to take care of business.

    You're challenging yourself to do better.

    Libra Daily Horoscope

    You're bringing more muscle to your health and wellness or self-care programs, getting back into action or stepping up the pace. Your desire to initiate, lead, and work independently can stir up competition or conflict with others at times, and this is more likely on the and when you may want to tone things down or prepare yourself for a battle, depending on which you prefer at the moment!

    Otherwise, you're motivated and self-starting, and this feels good.

    Libra November 2018: You Jump, I Jump ❤

    It's a time for pushing yourself to improve your health and fitness while being mindful that you don't overdo it. Or, you can be feeling quite pumped about getting organized.